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ProfiCAD is a software for schematic and diagramming of electrical and electronic circuits. Using this program, he drew all kinds of control circuits. You will also be able to design various technical diagrams such as pneumatic and hydraulic diagrams in this program. One of the outstanding features of this product is its simplicity. Simplicity in toolbars and icons represent parts. Simplicity in sorting menus, simplicity in placing items on the page and connecting them to each other. It's easy to do all this in this app. All you have to do is select the desired elements from the toolbar or drag on the screen. Then use wire to wrap the parts to complete the circuit.
ProfiCAD has thousands of standard electrical and electronic symbols, in addition to which you can define the symbols you need and use them in other projects. The elements you put on the page are automatically numbered. You can create different types of notes with one click at any time. Get a list of wires, materials used and other information. For complex circuits, you can draw on several pages. Don't worry, the connection of the wires does not interfere with the division of the circuit into separate plates. By clicking on the connection markers, you can see the rest of the circuit on other pages. Another feature of this program is low CPU, memory and hard disk usage. For this reason, even older systems can install and run this program.This program is made according to ISO 7200 standards and this standard can be considered as a certificate of its scientific validity.
required system
ProfiCAD Compatibility:
Windows XP + SP3, Vista, Windows 7 - 10, .NET4, 15 MB of disk space.
Installation guide

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Source:/ www.downloadly.ir
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