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I’m pretty sure that you’ve heard of turning photos into videos with the intuitive slideshows. But when it comes to the other way around, it’s unimaginable if you could animate your own images. However, this is absolutely possible with this interesting mobile app from Lightricks Ltd. Here, with Enlight Pixaloop, Android users can freely explore the awesome animation on their static images. Create motions and animations to the different elements of the images to deliver a completely enjoyable experience with your photos whenever you want.
With the powerful and brilliant tools, the app will allow you to completely change your static images into lively and refreshing live photos with impressive visual experiences. Explore the in-depth photo editor with all the simple features, along with the fully customizable animations, which will certainly make your images a lot more interesting. Now, Android users can enjoy another great way to stylize their images and experience the unique features with your new photo editor, that aren’t featured on any of the currently available apps.
Find out more about the awesome app of Enlight Pixaloop with our complete review.
What does it do?
For editing your normal photos, creating aesthetic looks with your images, or applying any interesting filters or effects to your pictures, you can always find yourself completely satisfied with the likes of VSCO and Picsart. But if you are attempting to do something that’s out of this world and never before seen, then Enlight Pixaloop is definitely our worthy nomination.
As a result, you can find yourself enjoying the interesting features of animated photos in the app. Here, it’s totally possible for you to add certain motions and movements to your photos, in both different aspects of the images and the certain elements inside your pictures. This allows users to experience a whole new world of creativity with their photo editor app.
And at the same time, the app also comes with the standard video editing features, which pack common and accessible features, which most of you would find useful. Feel free to get into the simple editing before you move on to the unique animated photos in Enlight Pixaloop.
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To start using the app, Android users are only required to have their mobile devices read. Make sure that it’s running Android 7.1 and up to ensure the complete compatibility with the in-app features. And that’s enough for you to get started.
Awesome features
Here are all the amazing features that the game has to offer:
Add movements to your static images
For those of you who’re interested, you can now enjoy the awesome and refreshing experiences with your new photo editor app of Enlight Pixaloop. Here, users can find themselves enjoying the unique experiences with the “alive” images, which feature interesting visual effects that make you feel like they’re still present.
And to do that, Enlight Pixaloop lets you put on multiple photo movements with just a few simple taps and selections. Easily adjust the direction of the motions to ensure the overall rhythms of the images. Change your anchor points in different parts of the directed photos to customize the movements. And feel free to select certain areas of the images, which you wish to keep static to enjoy the unique overall visual experiences with the freeze brush.
Make simple edits to your moving photos
For those of you who’re interested, you can now make simple edits to your moving photos, using the provided editing options in Enlight Pixaloop. Feel free to explore the picture effect editor to make certain photo adjustments. Have fun with the animated animation effects, and make your amazing pictures come to life.
Animate photos with interesting sky effects
If you find the lifeless and bland skies in your photos quite annoying, it’s totally possible for you to replace them with more intuitive and exciting effects in Enlight Pixaloop. Feel free to change the old skies into a more colorful sunset with animated clouds, which will breathe a whole new life to the image. Also, to make the editing less challenging for new users, there is no need to get into the in-depth options in Enlight Pixaloop. But instead, you can choose the automated skies with dozens of available options in the app, each having unique visual experiences and impressions.
Enlight Pixaloop screenshot 4
Enlight Pixaloop screenshot 5
Enlight Pixaloop screenshot 6
Add overlays to your photos to created different impressions
In addition, if you wish to add new feels and impressions to certain images, the app also offers its interesting overlays and visual effects that you can add to your motion pictures. Feel free to apply the fun and powerful effects to your Enlight Pixaloop to enjoy awesome visual experiences to your photos. Hence, it’s easy to find yourself enjoying the interesting weather overlays, sparkle effects, vintage filters and more. Also, the interesting photo sharing options will allow users to enjoy awesome visual uploads on their Stories and Feeds.
Interesting videos effects for your photo editor
To further improve your overall visual experiences in the app, Enlight Pixaloop now features the effective video effects in your photo editor. Here, you can enjoy many animated photo editing tools with interesting speed, direction, and styles. Have fun with interesting effects of distortions, speed, and directions to your unique animated photos, and find yourself enjoying the awesome effects to the fullest.
Professional picture animator for your Android devices
And last but not least, with the professional picture animator app, you can learn to breathe life into your videos in just a few seconds. Here, the movements and directional effects will allow users to effectively customize their photo impressions. Also, simple and accessible features will make it extremely easy for Android users to quickly familiarize themselves with their in-app features.
Free to use
For those of you who’re interested, you can now enjoy the awesome mobile app of Enlight Pixaloop for free on all your Android devices. All it takes is for you to get the app from the Google Play Store, no payment is required.
Enjoy the completely unlocked app from our mod
And at the same time, if you wish to have all the paid features in the app also unlocked on your mobile devices, it’s also possible for Android users to download the Enlight Pixaloop Mod APK from our website. Follow the provided instructions and you can have it successfully installed on your Android devices. Feel free to explore all the in-app features with no limit. And of course, you don’t need to pay for anything or find yourself getting bothered by the annoying ads.
Final verdicts
To allow Android users to enjoy their amazing photo editing experiences, Enlight Pixaloop offers a wide range of different visual customizations for you to enjoy. And at the same time, the unique motion effects and animated videos will make things even more interesting. But most importantly, you’ll find the free and unlocked version of the app extremely exciting.
Additional Information
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