OriginPro The software provided for professional drawing of statistical charts and statistical data analysis can be used by engineers and students of different fields. OriginPro software has just been released by Originlab for Windows operating systems. It also processes mathematical and statistical functions and draws diagrams of these functions well. OriginLab OriginPro software is very efficient for scientists and engineers and also offers you non-parametric tests, ANOVA repetitive measurements, image processing and so on. The newer version of the software includes several advanced tools such as a revamped layout menu with large icons to help users to quickly find the type of graph: symbol columns , cells are easier to define a formula columnAnd.. Easy access to existing templates and projects are its good features. Analysis of basic molecular components for spectroscopy such as enzyme kinetics, logistic regression , general linear regression are other features of this software.
Features of OriginLab OriginPro software:
- Data analysis and drawing statistical charts
- Professional analysis and programming capabilities
- Easy access to existing templates and projects
- A wide range of powerful functions for advanced purposes
- Prepare professional reports of batch analysis using Microsoft Word template
- Support for script files and after import for more file types
- Ability to assign length, width, height or matrix data
- Preview charts
- Produce gadget output for all data plotted in the chart
- Copy and paste formulas and labels between columns
- Batch processing with summary report using AnalysisTemplates
- Save Analysis of dialog settings as a theme for future use
- Re-calculate the results in the data or change parameter

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