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Best Big Data Integration Platform
Big data integration platforms help facilitate and analyze big data integrations across cloud applications. They will typically facilitate the intgration between big data processing solutions, applications and databases. Big data integration platforms usually require big data to have been processed prior to integration, but they facilitate the use of big data sets and insights. Companies use these to manage and store big data clusters and use them within cloud applications. They can help simplify the management of enormous amounts of data collected from IoT endpoints, applications, and communications. Some big data integration tools provide stream analytics capabilities, but provide more functionality for data management.
To qualify for inclusion in the Big Data Integration category, a product must:
Integrate big data processing data to external sources
Ingest and distribute large sets of homogenous and heterogenous data
Create a structured pipeline for big data management processes
Top 6 Big Data Integration Platform
    Azure Data Factory
    IBM InfoSphere DataStage
    Apache NiFi
    Information Builders Omni-Gen/iWay
    Talend Big Data Platform
(after 4 months 12 days)

I use AVG and it works well. It is also what the college requires for every computer to have before they can connect to the colleges network.
(after 3 months)

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