XAMPP 7.4.4 x64

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The finished assembly of XAMPP is suitable for those users who do not have time to learn and configure MySQL, Apache and PHP. The XAMPP environment installs seamlessly on computers running Windows.

The assembly contains several components with which you can start a full-fledged Internet server.
The following prerequisites are included in the XAMPP package:
Apache web server
PHP scripting language;
dynamic language Perl;
MySQL management system;
FTP server
POP3 and SMTP mail servers
phpMyAdmin program.
Version for Windows 10 and below is compatible with any 32-bit systems. It is important to consider the capacity of the computer, since performance depends on this parameter. There is also a distribution version for 64-bit devices.
Today, the XAMPP web assembly is recognized by programmers as one of the foremost in its category. It will be especially useful for those programmers who are just starting out with PHP.

On our site you can download the XAMPP package for any operating system for free. Build options for Windows 7 and higher are presented. The program does not require key activation and has no time limits.
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