Android Studio 3.6.2

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Android Studio is a unique platform that allows you to develop games and applications for the Android mobile operating system. The product was released in 2013, but still supports constant updating and improvement of software.

In the latest version of the program, functionality was significantly increased, and work was also optimized for weaker computers. Additionally, the studio has an IDE emulator that checks the applications created by the user for the quality and correctness of their work. The program also has Russification, therefore it is available to users in Russian.
Before starting work, the user will need to configure, and optionally set a password, to protect his project. Next, the user will have to choose one of the types of projects that are planned to be created:
Applications for smartphones and tablets;
Software for set-top boxes running on the Android platform;
VR glasses;

You can download a free application development program from us by clicking on the link located at the bottom of the page. Immediately after the click, the direct download of the utility boot file will begin.

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