What is it for?
'XcalcS' is a set of tools for engineering calculations in structural analysis, for direct usage onto the web. You find the list under 'Library' in the Table of Contents. Check often this list (follow red dots): more sheets and tools are regularly added!
How does it work?
The calculation sheets are friendly and intuitive: you need only a few directions. All sheets may be freely viewed and many may be calculated by anyone, but be careful, as other users might change the same sheet at the same time (see below for private copies).
Private sheets
Most sheets in the public library cannot be modified nor recalculated, though they are still viewable (use the random example to try a modifiable one). To calculate: you should first of all register, then make a copy of the sheet of interest in your private directory using the commands under 'Tools' in the menu (you'll see this after logging in).
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